Managed Care Locations

Managed Care Locations

We serve a wide area of North Carolina. Visit this page to find out more information about the location nearest you.

Our Program

Our Program

Find out everything you need to know and more related to our process and how our program works.

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We offer numerous intensive services for adults and children. Learn more about the support and help we can provide.

Welcome to Community Helps Network


About Community Helps Network

Community Helps Network is a privately owned agency that initiates, provides and promotes services for people with mental illness and their families within the communities, in order to strengthen their independence, self esteem and ability to participate in and contribute to community life.

Offering Personalized Support

Try to imagine living with a mental illness. Imagine not being able to have a job…or have a home…or to participate in day-to-day activities, live in your home, or strive in your community. Then imagine someone coming to your side and helping you remove those barriers, creating circles of support that help you to be more independent, that help you participate in the daily living that many take for granted. This is what Community Helps Network is all about.

Community Helps Network Principles

  • To promote the rights of people we serve.
  • To work collaboratively with families, friends, team members and the community as a whole.
  • To develop relationships with consumers and their families that are based on respect.
  • We are dedicated to providing the supports that are necessary for individuals to achieve their hopes and dreams.

Community Helps Network is a 4 Year Accredited Organization Through CQL.


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